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其他题名: Research and Design of High Precision Electric Monorail Control System for Assembly Line
作者: 柳超明
导师: 陈书宏
分类号: TP273
关键词: 高精度 ; 自动轨道控制系统 ; 动态位置跟踪 ; 绝对定位 ; 状态信息
页码: 66页
学位专业: 模式识别与智能系统
学位类别: 硕士
答辩日期: 2013-05-28
授予单位: 中国科学院沈阳自动化研究所
授予地点: 沈阳
作者部门: 智能检测与装备研究室
摘要: 自动轨道系统(EMS, Electric monorail system)是一种轨道式物流输送系统,广泛应用于生产制造,尤其是自动化装配线中,有效的提高了装配效率与装配质量。本文以变速器装配线为应用背景,对高精度自动轨道控制系统进行了研究和设计。根据系统的功能需求,设计了三层分布式主从结构,接下来并分别从小车控制系统和主站控制系统两个方面进行了研究实现。为了对单台小车的行走、升降和旋转三轴运动进行闭环控制,设计了基于CANopen 协议的分布式驱动系统。速度调节和位置控制是小车控制系统的核心功能。为了避免轨道小车行走时的动态位置偏差随着时间不断累积,提出了一种动态位置跟踪算法对小车速度进行调节,分别独立计算出给定频率和给定电压。仿真结果表明,系统动态调节时振荡次数与反向超调均较小,对于随机负载扰动也具有良好地抵抗能力,速度误差控制在了2mm 的窗口内。针对位置控制采用了一种绝对定位方法,从工程的角度确定了定位方法中的几个关键参数,保证了良好的实时减速动态性能,定位精度达到了±0.8mm。地面主站是总体系统的最顶层,主站系统组态将自动工位和轨道小车关联起来。根据主站控制所需要的信息,设计了主站与小车之间的报文数据格式,在硬件资源的限制下提高了数据交换量。针对轨道小车和自动工位之间多对多的关系,设计了以系统状态信息为数据核心的主站程序结构,并进一步提出了基于小车号索引查询和工位状态刷新的交叉状态获取方法,该方法将总的查询次数从常规的M*N 减小到M+N。针对某些特殊工位采用了一种并行指令给定方法,从而在满足工艺限制的情况下使整个过程的总定位时间约等于三轴定位时间的最大值。最后给出了现场测试时自动工位定位参数的标定结果和系统状态的监控结果。
英文摘要: Electric monorail system is a rail-mounted logistics transportation system and is widely used in manufacturing, especially automated assembly lines, effectively improving the assembly efficiency and quality. In this paper, a high-precision electric monorail control system applicated in transmission assembly line was studied and designed. According to the functional requirements of the system, the three-tiered distributed salve-master structure was firstly designed. Next, the proposed solution was implemented from the aspects of vehicle control system and master control system. In order to perform the closed-loop motion control of travelling, lifting and rotating axis of individual vehicle, the distributed drive system based on CANopen protocol was designed. The speed regulation and position control are two main functions of vehicle control system. To prevent the dynamic travelling position deviation gradually accumulating over time, a dynamic position tracking algorithm, which computes the given frequency and given voltage independently, was suggested to adjust the travelling speed. The simulation results show that the system in dynamic regulation performs small oscillation frequency and reverse overshoot, and has a strong capability of anti random load disturbance as well. The speed error is also controlled in the window of 2mm. For the position control, an absolute positioning method was used. And the key parameters in the method was identified from the engineering point of view, ensuring a good real-time deceleration dynamic performance and a positioning accuracy of ±0.8mm. Stationary master is the top level of the overall system. The master system configuration was performed to associate the rail vehicles with automated stations. The packet data format we designed according to the information needed by the master control can increase the amount of data exchange under the restriction of hardware resource. To deal with the many-to-many relationship between the rail and automatic stations, the master program structure using system state information as core data was designed. And the cross state obtaining algorithm was further proposed, based on query adopting vehicle number as index and refresh of station state. This algorithm reduces the total number of queries from conventional M*N to M+N. For some special stations, a parallel instruction given method was used, making the entire positioning time approximately equal to the maximum value of the three-axis positioning time under the technological limitations. Finally, the calibration results of automatic station positioning parameters and the monitoring results of system state in the field were given.
语种: 中文
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内容类型: 学位论文
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柳超明. 高精度装配线自动轨道控制系统的研究设计[D]. 沈阳. 中国科学院沈阳自动化研究所. 2013.
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