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Preface (ICIRA 2019 Part.I) 会议论文
Intelligent Robotics and Applications - 12th International Conference, ICIRA 2019, Proceedings, Shenyang, China, August 8-11, 2019
Authors:  Yu HB(于海斌);  Liu JG(刘金国);  Liu LQ(刘连庆);  Ju ZJ(琚兆杰);  Liu YW(刘玉旺);  Zhou, Dalin
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A UKF Algorithm Based on the Singular Value Decomposition of State Covariance 会议论文
2010 8th World Congress on Intelligent Control and Automation (WCICA 2010), Jinan, China, July 7-9, 2010
Authors:  Ma YL(马玉龙);  Wang ZQ(王志迁);  Zhao XG(赵新刚);  Han JD(韩建达);  He YQ(何玉庆)
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Diagonal Similar Decomposition  Symmetrical Sample Ukf  Stability  Positive Semidefinite