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Shadow detection using multi-features in SVM classifier 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Chongqing, China, May 30-31, 2014
Authors:  Wang ZP(王占鹏);  Tian JD(田建东);  Tang YD(唐延东);  Zhang YZ(张艳珠);  Xia Y(夏泳);  Wang L(王玲)
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Mathematical Morphology  Object Recognition  Security Systems  
Research on path optimization of urban traffic guidance system 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Chengdu, China, August 2-4, 2014
Authors:  Wang DP(王丹萍);  Hu KY(胡琨元)
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Control Systems  Manufacture  Motor Transportation  Street Traffic Control  Traffic Congestion  
Research on automatic identification of substation circuit breaker based on shape priors 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Shenzhen, China, December 24-25, 2013
Authors:  Wang T(王挺);  Yao C(姚辰);  Liu J(刘君);  Zhang CL(张朝龙);  Hu SG(胡绍刚);  Gu HQ(顾洪群);  Jia MY(贾明月)
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Algorithms  Automation  Character Recognition  Inspection  Sensors  
A vision-based system for power transmission facilities detection 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Dalian, China, August 24-25, 2013
Authors:  Wu DL(吴登禄);  Li BF(李冰锋);  Li WT(李文涛);  Xia Y(夏泳);  Tang YD(唐延东)
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Computer Vision  Manufacture  
Insulator recognition based on moments invariant features and Cascade AdaBoost classifier 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Dalian, China, August 28-29, 2013
Authors:  He SY(何思远);  Wang L(王玲);  Xia Y(夏泳);  Tang YD(唐延东)
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Classification (Of Information)  Median Filters  Principal Component Analysis  
Overview of micro-force sensing methods 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Guilin, China, October 19-20, 2013
Authors:  Ma CZ(马超哲);  Du JS(杜劲松);  Liu YY(刘意杨);  Chu YK(褚云凯)
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Information Technology  Micromachining  Processing  
Knowledge interchange in task-oriented architecture: For space robot application 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Guilin, China, December 26-27, 2012
Authors:  Yu C(余岑);  Zhou WJ(周维佳)
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Intelligent Materials  Knowledge Based Systems  Multipurpose Robots  Robot Learning  Sensors  
Research on volume measurement technology for rail tanker based on computer vision 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Hong Kong, Hong kong, December 27-28, 2011
Authors:  Zhao JB(赵吉宾);  Xia RB(夏仁波);  Liu WJ(刘伟军);  Fu T(付涛);  Huang YJ(黄以君);  Li JZ(李家智)
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Algorithms  Surface Reconstruction  Tankers (Ships)  Titration  Volume Measurement  
Interactive Mesh Segmentation Based On Graph Laplacian 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Shanghai, China, May 7-8, 2011
Authors:  Gao EY(高恩阳);  Liu WJ(刘伟军);  Wang TR(王天然)
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Algorithms  Information Technology  Manufacture  User Interfaces