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Globally stable adaptive cooperative path following controller design for multiple AUVs 会议论文
2016 3rd International Conference on Informative and Cybernetics for Computational Social Systems, ICCSS 2016, Jinzhou, Liaoning, China, August 26-29, 2016
Authors:  Wang H(王昊);  Liu KZ(刘开周);  Li S(李硕)
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Research on dynamic simulation of Underwater Vehicle Manipulator Systems 会议论文
OCEANS 2008 - MTS/IEEE KOBE TECHNO-OCEAN, VOLS 1-3, Kobe, JAPAN, April 8-11, 2008
Authors:  Li Q(李强);  Zhang QF(张奇峰);  Wang XH(王晓辉)
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Uvms  Ukf  Slam  Position Estimation  Autonomous Manipulation  
Development in Identification of Underwater Vehicles 会议论文
2003 International Conference on Control Science and Engineering, Harbin, China, December 18-20, 2003
Authors:  Yu JC(俞建成);  Zhang AQ(张艾群);  Wang XH(王晓辉)
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