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Analysis on the characteristics for a new differential crawling device of an insulator inspection robot 期刊论文
International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering, 2018, 卷号: 30, 期号: 4, 页码: 512-535
Authors:  Li XP(李小彭);  Pan, Wujiu;  Li SJ(李树军);  Wang, Xinqi;  Wang HG(王洪光)
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insulator  inspection robot  differential drive  crawling device  error self-adjustment  
A novel 110 kV power line inspection robot and its climbing ability analysis 期刊论文
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 2017, 卷号: 14, 期号: 3, 页码: 1-10
Authors:  Yue X(岳湘);  Wang HG(王洪光);  Jiang Y(姜勇)
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Power Line Inspection Robot  Mechanism Design  Climbing Ability  Simulation  
Design and analysis of a novel inspection robot mechanism with assistant arms 会议论文
6th Annual IEEE International Conference on Cyber Technology in Automation, Control and Intelligent Systems, IEEE-CYBER 2016, Chengdu, China, June 19-22, 2016
Authors:  Xiao SY(肖时雨);  Wang HG(王洪光);  Zhang, Jingpei
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Inspection Robot  Mechanism Design  Assistant Arm  
Design and Simulation of Metamorphic Moving Mechanism of Insulator Inspection Robot 会议论文
Advances in Reconfigurable Mechanisms and Robots II, Beijing, China, July 20-22, 2015
Authors:  Li SJ(李树军);  Yang Q(杨强);  Geng M(耿蒙);  Wang HG(王洪光)
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Inspection Robot  Insulator  Structural Design  Moving Mechanism  Kinematic Analysis  
Structural design and kinematic analysis of moving mechanism of insulator inspection robot 会议论文
Mechanisms and Machine Science, Aalborg, Denmark, June 2-4, 2015
Authors:  Li SJ(李树军);  Yang Q(杨强);  Geng M(耿蒙);  Wang HG(王洪光);  Li, X.P.
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Inspection Robot  Insulato  Structural Design  Moving Mechanism  Kinematic Analysis  
Moving mechanism design and analysis of suspension insulator inspection robot 会议论文
Mechanisms and Machine Science, Moscow, Russian, June 23-26, 2014
Authors:  Li SJ(李树军);  Wang HG(王洪光);  Xiu, Shichao;  Li, Xiaopeng;  Ren, Zhaohui
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Inspection Robot  Moving Mechanism  Parameter Design  Analysis And Simulation  
Estimation of Battery State of Charge With H-infinity Observer: Applied to a Robot for Inspecting Power Transmission Lines 期刊论文
IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONICS, 2012, 卷号: 59, 期号: 2, 页码: 1086-1095
Authors:  Zhang F(张飞);  Liu GJ(刘光军);  Fang LJ(房立金);  Wang HG(王洪光)
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Battery  H-infinity Observer  Inspection Robot  Kalman Filter (Kf)  Power Transmission Lines  State Of Charge (Soc)  
Human-Robot Interaction System Research for 500kV EHV Power Transmission Line Inspection Robot 会议论文
Advanced Engineering Forum, Shenyang, China, August 16-19, 2011
Authors:  Guo WB(郭伟斌);  Wang HG(王洪光);  Sun P(孙鹏);  Ling L(凌烈)
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Power Line Inspection Robot  Tele-robotics  Human-robot Interaction  Software Design  
Research on the Influence of the Driving Wheel and Robot Posture on Climbing Capability of a Transmission Line Inspection Robot 会议论文
Authors:  Song YF(宋屹峰);  Wang HG(王洪光);  Ling L(凌烈)
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An Inspection Robot  Climbing Capability  Power Transmission Line  
Robust guaranteed cost control of linear systems with norm bounded uncertainties and external disturbance 会议论文
2010 IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation, ICIA 2010, Harbin, China, June 20-23, 2010
Authors:  Zhang F(张飞);  Liu GJ(刘光军);  Wang HG(王洪光);  Fang LJ(房立金)
Adobe PDF(131Kb)  |  Favorite  |  View/Download:88/28  |  Submit date:2017/03/14
Robust Guaranteed Cost Control  Uncertainties  Linear Matrix Inequality  Power Transmission Line Inspection Robot