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适于可重构机械臂构形变化的PID参数自调整算法研究 期刊论文
电子技术与软件工程, 2015, 期号: 9, 页码: 108-109
Authors:  岳宗帅;  王玲;  姜勇
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模块化可重构机械臂  构形变化  Pid参数自调整  
Gait Planning of Concave Transition for a Wall-climbing robot 会议论文
Proceeding of the IEEE International Conference on Information and Automation, Hailar, China, July 28-30, 2014
Authors:  Jiang Y(姜勇);  Yue ZS(岳宗帅);  Dong WG(董伟光);  Wang HG(王洪光)
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Wall-climbing Robot  Finite State Machine  Concave Transition  Gait Planning