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An edge detection algorithm based on Human Visual System 会议论文
Advanced Materials Research, Zhengzhou, Henan, China, October 19-20, 2013
Authors:  Xiao CM(肖传民);  Ma TL(马天磊);  Xia RB(夏仁波)
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Algorithms  Electronics Engineering  Image Processing  Information Technology  
Experimental study on residual stress in titanium alloy laser additive manufacturing 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Hong Kong, China, September 1-2, 2013
Authors:  Lai YB(来佑彬);  Liu WJ(刘伟军);  Zhao JB(赵吉宾);  Zhao YH(赵宇辉);  Wang FY(王福雨);  Han WC(韩文超)
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Industrial Electronics  Manufacture  Mechanical Engineering  Scanning  Stress Measurement  Titanium Alloys  
Comparison of optical and concentration feature used for fNIRS-based BCI system using HMM 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Tianjin, China, August 17-18, 2013
Authors:  Xu BL(徐保磊);  Fu YF(伏云发);  Shi G(石刚);  Yin XX(尹旭贤);  Miao L(缪磊);  Wang ZD(王志东);  Li HY(李洪谊)
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Brain Computer Interface  Electronics Engineering  Feature Extraction  Hidden Markov Models  Optical Signal Processing  
Architecture of energy conservation in the iron and steel enterprises based on Internet of things 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Chongqing, China, September 14-15, 2013
Authors:  Wang J(王军);  Hu JT(胡静涛)
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Architecture  Emission Control  Energy Conservation  Energy Management  Energy Management Systems  Industrial Electronics  Information Management  Information Technology  Internet  Mechanical Engineering  Network Architecture  
A kind of new switching power supply with multiple isolated outputs used in high-voltage static synchronous compensator 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Macau, China, November 14-15, 2012
Authors:  Yan BJ(闫炳均);  Xu AD(徐皑冬);  Bai ZY(白占元)
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Electric Power Supplies To Apparatus  Mechanical Engineering  Power Electronics  
Design and develop of functional safety temperature transmitter for fault status 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Tianjin, China, August 17-18, 2013
Authors:  Wang ZP(王志平);  Xu AD(徐皑冬);  Song Y(宋岩);  Yan BJ(闫炳均)
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Electronics Engineering  Flip Flop Circuits  Safety Engineering  Voltage Measurement  
Research on motion compensation for airborne SAR interferometry system 会议论文
Advanced Materials Research, Hong Kong, China, April 19-20, 2013
Authors:  Gao Y(高扬);  Du JS(杜劲松);  Liu YY(刘意杨);  Bi X(毕欣)
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Electronics Engineering  Errors  Geodetic Satellites  Interferometry  Motion Compensation  
The research and realization of device description technology 会议论文
Proceedings - 2012 International Conference on Computer Science and Electronics Engineering, ICCSEE 2012, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China, March 23-25, 2012
Authors:  Zhou GP(周桂平);  Li J(李军);  Wang H(王宏)
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Computer Hardware Description Languages  Computer Science  Electronics Engineering  Industrial Applications  
On steam pipe network modeling and flow rate calculation 会议论文
Procedia Engineering, Harbin, China, March 10-11, 2012
Authors:  Luo XX(罗先喜);  Yuan MZ(苑明哲);  Wang H(王宏);  Jia Y(贾洋);  Wu FH(吴峰华)
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Algorithms  Electronics Engineering  Models  
An artificial immune pattern recognition approach for damage classification in structures 会议论文
Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Macau, China, December 1-2, 2011
Authors:  Zhou Y(周悦);  Tang S(唐世);  Zang CZ(臧传治);  Zhou, Rui
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Damage Detection  Electronics Engineering  Electronics Industry  Industrial Applications  Information Technology  Learning Algorithms  Pattern Recognition  Research