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Multiple dim targets detection in infrared image sequences 会议论文
Proc. Of SPIE 9301, International Symposium on Optoelectronic Technology and Application, Beijing, China, May 13-15, 2014
Authors:  Ma TL(马天磊);  Shi ZL(史泽林);  Yin J(尹健);  Xu BS(徐保树)
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Multiple Targets Detection  Ir Image Sequences  Low Snr  Cfar Judging  
Robust Line Segment Detection Based on Non-isotropy in Low-SNR Image 会议论文
2012 IET International Conference on Information Science and Control Engineering (ICISCE 2012), Shenzhen, China., December 7-9, 2012
Authors:  Ai R(艾锐);  Shi ZL(史泽林)
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Line Segment Detection  Low-snr Image  Non-isotropy  Phase-grouping  Contrario Detection Framework