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Advances in atomic force microscopy for single-cell analysis 期刊论文
Nano Research, 2019, 卷号: 12, 期号: 4, 页码: 703-718
Authors:  Li M(李密);  Xi N(席宁);  Wang YC(王越超);  Liu LQ(刘连庆)
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atomic force microscopy  single-cell analysis  cellular morphology  cellular mechanics  cellular manipulation  
Real-time Riverbank Line Detection for USV System 会议论文
Proceedings of 2019 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation, ICMA 2019, Tianjin, China, August 4-7, 2019
Authors:  Feng TW(冯天伟);  Xiong JF(熊俊峰);  Xiao JC(肖金超);  Liu, Jinqing;  He YQ(何玉庆)
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Unmanned surface vehicle  HSV color space  Morphology  Riverbank line detection.  
Characterization of summer Arctic sea ice morphology in the 135°-175°W sector using multi-scale methods 期刊论文
Cold Regions Science and Technology, 2017, 卷号: 133, 页码: 108-120
Authors:  Lei RB(雷瑞波);  Tian-Kunze, Xiangshan;  Li BR(李丙瑞);  Heil, Petra;  Wang, Jia;  Zeng JB(曾俊宝);  Tian ZX(田忠翔)
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Sea Ice  Concentration  Thickness  Melt Pond  Morphology  Arctic  
Morphologies Control of Inkjet-printed Silver Lines by Substrate Temperature 会议论文
2017 IEEE 7th Annual International Conference on CYBER Technology in Automation, Control, and Intelligent Systems, CYBER 2017, Hawaii, USA, July 31 - August 4, 2017
Authors:  Cheng XD(程晓鼎);  Zhu YL(朱云龙);  Zhang L(张磊);  Wang CY(王驰远)
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Morphology Control  Substrate Temperature  Inkjet Printing  Line, Roughness  
A generalized method for automatic segmentation of neighboring cells 会议论文
IECON 2015 - 41st Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Yokohama, Japan, November 9-12, 2015
Authors:  Wang ZZ(王振洲)
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Segmentation  Threshold Selection  Morphology  Image Processing  Neighboring Cells  Skeletal Muscle Micrograph  Anaplastic Astrocytoma Micrograph  
Shadow detection using multi-features in SVM classifier 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Chongqing, China, May 30-31, 2014
Authors:  Wang ZP(王占鹏);  Tian JD(田建东);  Tang YD(唐延东);  Zhang YZ(张艳珠);  Xia Y(夏泳);  Wang L(王玲)
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Mathematical Morphology  Object Recognition  Security Systems  
Characterization of stainless steel parts by Laser Metal Deposition Shaping 期刊论文
Materials & Design, 2014, 卷号: 55, 页码: 104-119
Authors:  Zhang K(张凯);  Wang, Shijie;  Liu WJ(刘伟军);  Shang XF(尚晓峰)
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Deposition  Laser Applications  Mechanical Properties  Morphology  Optimization  Powder Metals  Scanning Electron Microscopy  x Ray Diffraction  
Investigating the morphology and mechanical properties of blastomeres with atomic force microscopy 期刊论文
Surface and Interface Analysis, 2013, 卷号: 45, 期号: 8, 页码: 1193-1196
Authors:  Li M(李密);  Zhang CL(张常麟);  Wang, Liu;  Liu LQ(刘连庆);  Xi N(席宁);  Wang YC(王越超);  Dong ZL(董再励)
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Atomic Force Microscopy  Cells  Cytology  Elastic Moduli  Morphology  
Multiscale modeling and simulation for optimizing polymer bulk heterojunction solar cells 期刊论文
IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics, 2013, 卷号: 3, 期号: 1, 页码: 300-309
Authors:  Wei FN(魏发南);  Liu, Liming;  Liu LQ(刘连庆);  Li GY(李广勇)
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Computer Simulation  Light Absorption  Monte Carlo Methods  Morphology  Optimization  Polymers  Solar Cells  
Research on road surface cracks detection based on rough set 会议论文
Advanced Materials Research, Jeju Island, Korea, May 11-12, 2012
Authors:  Wei, Dong;  Fangfang, Zhu;  Zhongdong, Yin;  Zhang C(张婵)
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Crack Detection  Edge Detection  Fuzzy Sets  Mathematical Morphology  Surface Defects