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Simulation on temperature field of friction stir welding of 2a14 aluminum alloy based on equivalent film method 会议论文
Key Engineering Materials, Guangzhou, China, June 24-26, 2016
Authors:  Zhu Z(朱智);  Wang M(王敏);  Zhang HJ(张会杰);  Zhang X(张骁);  Yu T(于涛);  Yang GX(杨广新)
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2a14 Aluminum Alloy  Backing Plate  Contact Heat Transfer  Friction Stir Welding  Numerical Simulation  Temperature Field  
The Mirror Control System of Parabolic Trough Solar Thermal Based on DCS 会议论文
Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Intelligent Materials and Mechatronics (IMM 2015)Engeering(SEMEE 2015), Hong Kong, October 29-30, 2015
Authors:  Wang CX(王晨曦);  Liu MZ(刘明哲);  Xu AD(徐皑冬);  Jin N(金妮)
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Solar  Contradiction  Sustainable  Trough  Mirror  Mirror  Urgently  Shortage  Parabolic  Rotation  
Frequency domain error analysis in ultra-precision flycutting 会议论文
Key Engineering Materials
Authors:  Chen GD(陈国达);  Liang YC(梁迎春);  Wang, Heran;  Sun YZ(孙雅洲);  Chen JX(陈家轩)
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Error Analysis  Machine Components  Surface Roughness  
Shadow detection using multi-features in SVM classifier 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Chongqing, China, May 30-31, 2014
Authors:  Wang ZP(王占鹏);  Tian JD(田建东);  Tang YD(唐延东);  Zhang YZ(张艳珠);  Xia Y(夏泳);  Wang L(王玲)
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Mathematical Morphology  Object Recognition  Security Systems  
Study of Laser Peening on TiAl Alloy Properties with Different Parameters 会议论文
Advanced Materials Research, Zhuhai, China., November 25-26, 2014
Authors:  Gu, Yaoxin;  Qiao HC(乔红超)
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Laser Peening  Microstructure  Texture  Tial Alloys  
Analysis and compensation strategy of non-linear error in five-axis CNC machining 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Guilin, China, June 22-23, 2014
Authors:  Liu HJ(刘红军);  Zhang AG(张爱国);  Zhao JB(赵吉宾);  Shang, Jin;  Liu, Jun
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Complex Surface  Five-axis Cnc Machining  Non-linear Error  Tool Position  
Study on the manufacturing process of polymer microfluidic chip with integrated Cu micro array electrode 会议论文
Applied Mechanics and Materials, Shenzhen, China, November 15-16, 2014
Authors:  Gu, Yaoxin;  Qiao HC(乔红超)
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Fracture  Micro Array Electrode  Microfluidic Chips  Thermal Bonding  
Kinematics analysis and torch pose fitting for welding robot 会议论文
Advanced Materials Research, Wuhan, Hubei, China, June 28-29, 2014
Authors:  Qu RX(屈润鑫);  Zou YY(邹媛媛);  An XW(安晓卫);  Zhu SJ(朱思俊);  Qu RX(屈润鑫);  Zou YY(邹媛媛);  An XW(安晓卫);  Zhu SJ(朱思俊)
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Electric Welding  Industrial Robots  Machinery  Materials Science  Matlab  Robot Applications  
Kinematic performance evaluation for heavy duty industrial robot 会议论文
Advanced Materials Research, Wuhan, Hubei, China, June 28-29, 2014
Authors:  Li SQ(李树强);  Zou YY(邹媛媛);  Li YJ(李艳杰);  Zhu SJ(朱思俊)
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Applications  Kinematics  Machinery  Materials Science  
Impact analysis of the force environment on the KDP crystal harmonic loss considering the frame surface topography 会议论文
Key Engineering Materials
Authors:  Wang, Heran;  Liu HT(刘海涛);  Liang YC(梁迎春)
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Clamping Devices  Computer Simulation  Finite Element Method  Fractals  Harmonic Generation  Inertial Confinement Fusion  Mathematical Models  Surface Topography