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Kinematics analysis and simulation of a series-parallel hybrid haptic handle for surgical simulator 会议论文
2019 IEEE 10th International Conference on Mechanical and Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies (ICMIMT 2019), Cape Town, South africa, February 15-17, 2019
Authors:  Li J(李杰);  Zhao, Ce;  Bi, Xiaonan;  Zhang C(张诚);  Zou YY(邹媛媛);  Zhang K(张珂)
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kinematicanalysis  haptic handle  configuration  simulation  surgery simulator  
中国石油锦西石化分公司经营运销管理集成系统 成果
辽宁省科学技术进步奖, 2004
Accomplishers:  王成恩;  高振林;  许石哲;  徐振江;  李凤霞;  叶菁;  张毅;  殷芳;  赵丹妮
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中国石油锦西石化分公司经营运销管理集成系统 成果
沈阳市科技进步奖, 2004
Accomplishers:  王成恩;  高振林;  许石哲;  徐振江;  李凤霞;  叶菁;  张毅;  殷芳;  赵丹妮
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石化企业供应链采购管理系统模型 期刊论文
信息与控制, 2004, 卷号: 33, 期号: 1, 页码: 41-46
Authors:  赵丹妮;  王成恩
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石化企业  供应链  采购管理  视图模型  
辽宁装备制造业技术跨越发展战略研究 成果
辽宁省科学技术进步奖, 2004
Accomplishers:  吕志斗;  齐建珍;  赵明扬;  史海波;  王宏;  赵经伦;  王成恩
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Integration Research In The Model of Oil Refining Supply Chain 会议论文
Proceedings of the 9th ISPE International Conference on Concurrent Engineering, Cranfield, UK, July 27-31, 2002
Authors:  Zhao DN(赵丹妮);  Wang CE(王成恩)
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CIMS技术研究及工程应用 成果
辽宁省科学技术进步奖, 2001
Accomplishers:  王成恩;  李方勇;  赵怀宁;  罗焕佐;  顾兆禄;  孟庆文;  张士杰;  张士廉;  肖林学
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