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A Review on fault diagnosis in wireless sensor networks 会议论文
7th Annual International Conference on Geo-Spatial Knowledge and Intelligence, Guangzhou, China, December 20-21, 2019
Authors:  Xiao JC(肖金超);  Zhu, Yujie;  Zhong, Yingchun;  Lin, Zifan
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Edge router design of energy consumption devices for large building 会议论文
2018 Eighth International Conference on Instrumentation and Measurement, Computer, Communication and Control (IMCCC 2018), Harbin, China, July 19-21, 2018
Authors:  Zhong, Yingchun;  Fan ZY(樊智一);  Xiao JC(肖金超);  Zhong, Ling;  Xiao, Xiangqian;  Lv, Shuai
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IPV6  IPv6 over Low power WPAN (6LoWPAN)  6in4  edge router  
The Research of Long-Chain Wireless Sensor Network Based on 6LoWPAN 会议论文
Proceedings - 2017 5th International Conference on Enterprise Systems: Industrial Digitalization by Enterprise Systems, ES 2017, Beijing, China, September 22-24, 2017
Authors:  Lin WL(林炜岚);  Fan ZY(樊智一);  Zhong, Yingchun;  Zi SF(资双飞);  Xiao JC(肖金超)
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6lowpan  Routing  Long-chain Wireless Sensor Networks